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I am 23 and married. We are now a family of 3!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

About Me

Hello. I have been married since September of 2004. We got pregnant, by accident the month after our wedding. We lost our baby at around 4 months and had to undergo a lot of different treatment for 16 months. We are now at the point where we have been approved to try again. In February I was in the last week of my birth control pills and told my husband to remind me to pick up some more from the pharmacy before the weekend. He suggested I quit taking them altogether so we could hopefully become pregnant sooner. So I went through March pill free and had a period then and have gone through April and am actually right now waiting on my period to start, should have been yesterday or today. I haven't ever been a person that was totally regular. I don't think I am pregnant this month though because I did have a blood test done Monday for other reasons and it came back fine and no sign of I think I will start (tom) time of the month anytime now. I hope to keep this updated until we do get pregnant and change this to a pregnancy journal. I want to be able to record my feelings until then and how each month goes by.


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