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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thoughts for April

Well I have a problem that may be TMI for some of you, so I warn you now just in case.

I have a yeast infection. Gross, I know. Problem is, I will ovulate in a few days..well like 5 I think, anyway, point is, if I call it in to the doc and get a RX for it, we won't be able to have sex for like 7 days. So if I go on and do this, I know without a doubt I can't get pregnant this month, which may be ok. It just means I'll have to wait a whole other month before thinking about it again which sucks. I talked to MOH about it last night and he said don't worry about it and that we don't have to rush. This coming from the guy who thought something was wrong with him because I wasn't pregnant yet. Anyway, he said I should worry about being better right now. So I guess I will call it in. *sigh*


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