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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

maybe I'm weird?

Does it ever bother you when people ask when you are going to have a child? I never thought about it before I really started trying. I have been guilty of asking. I know better now. Saturday night someone I didn't even know asked how long I'd been married and then let me know I should be having a child. It's like DUH! It's not that I don't want to. It's that I had to 16 months without even being able to and now I have to start trying. I'm on my third cycle of trying. So if my period comes next week we'll start number 4! I'm sure it will because we didn't really have a chance to 'try' plus I never really felt like I ovulated. I'm just glad no one really knows we are trying. My mom knows, that's because I need someone to talk to when I'm feeling crazy. I was even upset that we weren't going to get to try this month so I had to tell her about it. Anyway, we don't want anyone to know, I don't want anyone asking "did it work this month" or any kind of crazy stuff like that. The plan is also not to tell anyone until we pass the first trimester. I told my husband the only ones that will know are me and him and my mom because she works in the same town as me and can help me out with doc appts and such, I like for someone to go with me. Anyway, for now I'm just *praying for a healthy baby*!


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