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Monday, May 15, 2006


So Friday on my way to lunch I stopped by the dollar store to buy a home pregnancy test. I was about 3 days late and getting suspicious. Afterwards I went home to have lunch. I didn't have to pee until about 2 pm. I was trying to 'hold it' so I'd really have to go and have enough!! Anywho, it turned positive before I even got off the toilet!! I called MOH right then..heart beating fast and all and told him. He was around people at work so he couldn't get all into it, but he was surprised and excited. We didn't want to tell anyone until I took another test. Friday night by the time we got to a store, they were all closed. So we had to wait until Saturday. I knew I was pregnant so we bought my mom a grandma mother's day card. We also bought a 2 pack home test. It was positive. We gave the card to my mom and she goes "grandma?" and then turned and looked at me so fast and said "Are you?!?!?!" Anyway, she was excited. Right now only my parents know. They live close to us and I figure I may need her to go to an appointment with me like last time. We don't plan to tell anyone else until about 12-13 weeks, which is around July 4th. I am supposed to go to the doctor today to have it confirmed. I can only go if I can get someone to come sit in my office while I'm gone, so we'll have to see about that. Based on the computer my due date is around January 16th. The doc of course will set the real one and I will change my ticker accordingly. We never would have thought we would have gotten pregnant this month. We only 'tried' once..maybe twice around ovulation time. I am beyond excited.


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