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Friday, June 30, 2006

Doctor Appointment # 2

I'm still on a high from my appointment yesterday, June 29th. It was great. Hubby almost missed it. We waited a few minutes so he would see the sonogram. My mom was also with us. They checked my weight, urine and blood pressure and talked with me some. Then we moved on to try the abdominal sonogram and it was heavenly!! We saw our little person in there doing acrobats!! Daddy called when they started and mama was telling him everything that was happening. Very active little booger. We got to hear the heartbeat again which was in the 150's. Little Person was measuring 2 days ahead of schedule which is fine. Makes me feel GREAT! Little Person had his/her hand in front of his/her face the whole time. Probably trying to hide from us. Next appointment is July 27th. I'll be 15 weeks then! Other than that I feel fine. Get yucky every now and then around 10 in the morning. Been throwing up again the last few days and so far *crosses fingers* I'm doing good today! Also, we just started telling people last night! It was fun, called our extended family and friends. It was great! There are still tons who don't know, but after church Sunday, it won't be long!! Oh yeah, also make a note that I haven't gained any weight yet. Thank goodness!!!! So I guess I'll sail into the 2nd trimester still at my starting weight! I know it'll come soon! Time for lunch. Mama has to eat!


Blogger Paulene's Journal Journey said...

Followed links in babes in blogland to your site.
I am pregnant with my 2nd child (a miracle natural pregnancy after years of infertility treatments to concieve our first - this time around "all" it took was for me to lose 26kg!...hehehe)
Well done on maintaining your weight so far!
That's no easy feat so well done :)

Cheers P


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