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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The past two nights I haven't slept well. I only feel tired during the day. Like right now. I desperately wanna just lay down for a few minutes. Internet says to take short naps during the day. If only that were possible!!! I slept really bad Sunday night so I thought last night I'd hit the hay early, but by 9 o'clock I felt fine and watched two sitcoms. I woke up several times last night. I normally get up around 3 to use the restroom, but last night and the night before I got up at 12 something and then around 2 something and also at 5! It's outrageous. Hopefully I just drank too much those evenings and it won't be like this forever. I thought the constant bathroom trips came much later!!!

So the bathroom trips and mild cramps are the only symptoms I feel. The cramps help me feel pregnant. When they go away I can almost forget I am even pregnant. I went walking last night and after like 5 minutes cramps came so I went back home. Don't want to do anything in these first weeks to mess anything up.

I don't know if this has to do with being pregnant or not..but sometimes I wake up hungry, like really having a yearning for food and my stomach growling!! Also the past several days I get hungry between breakfast and lunch, like right now. I had two little muffins for breakfast, but now I want something. We don't really have anything too interesting to eat at work...cookies, candy and such. If I am going to start eating more, I want it to at least be healthy, so I am passing until I get home for lunch.

Tonight is American Idol. Nothing comes on that I watch right after that, so maybe I can go to bed. I don't even really want to watch it since they got rid of Chris. He was my favorite. I do watch Real World but it doesn't come on until 10 so I will have to catch it on re-runs!!

For now I guess, I'll prop back in my chair at work until I hear someone coming to the door. *yawn*


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