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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

another day

I have to say that I hope Taylor wins American Idol!! "Soul Patrol" Anyway, deep down I wanted Chris to win and was totally shocked when he was voted off. Now that it's down to Taylor and McPheever, I hope he takes it. I tried to vote alot last night, mostly it was busy, got through maybe 4 times.

Anyway, feel pretty good today. I haven't really felt icky any today. I could use some sleep but I felt like that pre-pregnancy. I am noticing I am having a problem finding foods to eat that 'sound good'. Know what I mean? I don't really feel pregnant today. I don't know how you feel it if you aren't sick or cramping or something. Right now I'm just hungry for lunch! So I have moved into my 7th week, sitting at 6 weeks 1 day right now. Feels nice. I can't wait to get out of this pesky first trimester. I had my miscarriage at around 11 weeks, so I want to soar by that!! Anywho, drink up on water!! None for me yet today, had to drink a sprite this morning!!


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