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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

just blah

That's how today is. Just ok. I go from one extreme to the other. I feel sick if I eat too much or the wrong thing, I feel sick if I don't eat. Starting the 9th week! WOO HOO. Can't wait to say goodbye to the first trimester. I know everyone looks forward to that!

Doctor Appointment last week
It was great. We didn't wait long. I had to give the urine sample when I walked in the door because I had to go so badly. The nurse told me more than once that my urine was 'exceptional', whatever that means. Then we did the weigh in and blood work. She then took us in a room and asked us a million questions. Some that made no sense to me at the present time. Asked about pediatrician we'll use, birth control after the baby and stuff like that. I thought it was a bit early. I kept wondering what if we answer all these questions and go do the ultrasound and nothings there. Anyway, into the exam room we go. Get the routine breast exam and papsmear which for whatever reason was rather painful. On to the ultrasound. We immediately saw our little bambino and the heart flickering away. Doc pointed out arm and leg buds. Then we got to hear the precious heartbeat. Music to our ears!!! We walked away from it all grinning ear to ear!! Our next appointment is on June 29th. Seems like forever away. They ordered another ultrasound per my request so that's excellent! I can't wait!!


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