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Monday, May 22, 2006

6 weeks

Tomorrow marks the 6 week mark in all of this. I can't wait for next Thursday. That's my first official appointment and we'll get to have an ultrasound done and everything. I should be 7 weeks 2 days then. I can't wait. I have been feeling better in a way I guess. I got sick Friday night after chinese food. Don't know if it was pregnancy related or not? Who knows. This morning I ate my usual poptarts for breakfast and was miserable for awhile afterwords. Don't want to eat them for breakfast for awhile. I will have to find something else. I am not as hungry as often. I find I am eating at meal times just to eat, sometimes makeing me feel yucky afterwards even if I only eat a little. I read on a message board where one girl couldn't really stomach food until lunch time or so, so I may try that.


Blogger Shana said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I run a website that lists ttc, expecting, and new parent bloggers to help us all find one another.

I have added your blog to the due date listings. If you would like for me to remove the link to your blog or if I need to correct any information, please do let me know. The site URL is and my e-mail address is my3monkeys at gmail dot com.

Thank you and congratulations again!


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