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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Had an appointment today. Just over 20 weeks, in my 21st week! How exciting! Everything was perfect, perfect numbers in my urine sample, blood pressure, baby heart beat. My uterus was perfect. I have been throwing up again the past two mornings. Not sure what that is all about. I can't eat as much at one time. Midwife suggested eating like half of what I would normally eat and eat more a few hours later. I do have a slight yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis which acts like a yeast infection. So I have two RX's to get rid of that. My next appointment is in 4 weeks. She said at that appointment we'll set up an appointment with the hospital for a meeting about the epidural. If you don't attend this meeting you can't have an epidural regardless. She said they schedule it to be around your 28 week appointment which is October 24th, hubby wants them both on the same day so he doesn't have to take off again. We'll see. So, I'm happy. Got to hear my baby's heartbeat and how perfect my baby is doing so far!! I get off at 3 tomorrow to get ready to go to my inlaws for the weekend. We are coming back Sunday so we will have all day Monday at home to ourselves!


Blogger Taylor said...

You have to schedule a meeting for your epi? That's weird. What state do you live in?

Glad to hear things are going so well. I want to see ultrasound pictures! Did you find out the sex? Are you thinking of names?!

Blogger Mommy Wanna Be said...

I'm in GA, down south, I think I saw where you are in GA as well. For whatever reason at my hospital you have to be 'informed' I guess before you can have one. I just know they asked if I wanted one and I said I wasn't sure and they said they'd put me down as yes, because then I'd have to attend the meeting, if not I couldn't get one!!

We haven't found out the sex, well we aren't going to, but besides that my doc won't do another one until 28 weeks which will be at my October appt. She's just gonna keep it away from that area while we're watching!!

So far we are thinking of Payton and Carter I think...we'll see!!!


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