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Monday, August 28, 2006

Just writing..

Nothing much going on in the world of pregnancy. Bambino has taken to moving quite a bit but still not a lot. Sometimes when I want him/her to be bouncing around, he/she won't. I have my '20 week' appointment Thursday at 1:30. I STILL have a yeast infection or something, so they are going to check that out. I was treated at 15-16 weeks and it didn't work. My tummy has gotten to where it feels full after eating on the smallest thing. I guess it's getting cramped in there but it's sooooo early for that I thought. Maybe I'll research it. This baby is wearing me out too!! I am tired all day long and then can NOT go to sleep at night! It's ok though, it will be worth it. This weekend we are going to my in laws for my nephew and MIL's birthdays. Should be interesting. I'll update sometime after the appointment Thursday.


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