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Thursday, September 28, 2006


This was the Friday before our vacation. During lunch I noticed a little bright red spotting. I was alone at my parents house, my docs office didn't open back up until 1:30 (this was about 12:20 or so) so naturally I freak myself out. I get back to work and start calling the office every few minutes just in case they start answering the phone early. At 1:20 I called my mom and told her. She told me not to worry (I had a yeast infection) and that was probably the cause of it. I wanted to get checked out since it was Friday and I didn't want to end up having to go to the emergency room if it happened anymore. After reaching the doc office they told me to come in and get checked to be sure and put my mind at ease. I had my mom meet me there. I called my husband on the way. He was working out of town and I wanted to call him afterwards, but I needed to speak to him. So then I guess I probably had him all worried until I called him back. My midwife did a cervical exam and said my whole area down there was very irritated and said my cervix was irritated due to a yeast infection, which in turn caused some spotting. WHEW. Relief. My mom asked her if we could do a quick ultrasound. I was about 23 weeks at the time and hadn't had one since 11 weeks and my next one wasn't until 28 weeks. So she did and we go to see the precious little one, weighing in at 1 pound 3 oz. He/she was sleeping curled up inside, kicking every now and then. It was so great. I wished all my family was there to see!!


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