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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yesterday (09/27/06) was my most recent checkup. I forgot to mention in my last post that when I went on 09/27/06, I had gained 5 pounds since my last visit..which was only 2 weeks before. I was terrified. This was the time period where my belly REALLY popped out, so I put it due to that. But I did try to change my eating habits and walk more because I knew my regular appointment was only two weeks away. So as of yesterday I didn't gain anything in the last 2 weeks! YAY. My total so far is 11 pounds at 24 weeks, in my 25th week. Everything was right on cue. She said my weight gain is perfect so far and to keep up the good work, so I know the hard part of the weight gain is yet to come so I have to keep my mind set. It'll be winter soon and you know most people put on winter pounds anyway, so I've got to be extra careful. We listened to the heartbeat, I think it was like 156. She felt of my uterus and said it was right on target! So I go back in 4 weeks on October 24th for the GCT and sonogram. Mama and my hubby are going with me and we are going to try to get my dad to run in for the sonogram so he can see the baby and hear the heartbeat!

Haven't really had any symptoms or complaints. Sometimes I feel extremely huge and stretched like my whole stomach is full and other times I feel normal. Just depends. I don't really get hungry a lot or anything like that. No weird or normal cravings. Trying to avoid lots of carbs and sugars. I am trying to drink more milk. Baby is moving a lot lately and getting really strong!! I do notice I get winded more and have to make myself sit up straight so I can breathe well. In the past I could still lay on my back and be fine, now I find myself waking up on my back and have to catch my breath. I read that can happen and it's fine, just roll over.


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