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Monday, February 26, 2007

How I Met Your Father

July 12, 2003

We had just ate Mexican in town with my grandmother and Aunt, ‘we’ being my boyfriend and I. I was 19 years old and we had been dating since I was 12. I was just too in love and thought we would be together forever. Even though I knew he’d cheated on me and lied to me, done drugs behind my back, I still thought he was absolutely perfect. This was the guy that could tell me the sky was yellow and I’d believe him.

We had plans to hang out with some friends. When we arrived they were all out riding 4-wheelers and golf carts so we went down the road to find them and they were all stopped talking at a stop sign. That was the first time I saw him. I saw him looking at me too but I was sitting in the middle of my “fiance’s” truck. We went back to my friend’s house. Everyone other than our married friends went back to the ‘party house’. We stopped at my friend’s house to pick up our alcohol for the night. While there, my fiancé and I naturally got into a fight. I don’t remember what it was about but I do remember he locked me in a bedroom and told me he would not let me out. He did something like clap his hands together and our friends thought he hit me so they came busting in, thank goodness. I thought I was free. Instead my fiancé picked me up and carried me to the bathroom where he again, locked the door. He told me he would not let me out until I forgave him and we got back together, etc. Little did he know, the bathroom door opened to the outside. He was leaned against it and I somehow managed to get to the handle, unlock it and open it and he FELL out the door so I ran.

Now he was really mad. I met my friends outside. We decided we’d walk to the party, carrying our Mike’s Hard Lemonade. My ex got in his truck, drove across the road all crazy, through the ditch, spinning in circles in a field, just trying to get my attention. He followed us to the party and was so upset that some other friends asked him to stay, just so he wouldn’t be on the roads driving like a maniac. I was mad. I wanted him to leave. So, I proceeded to drown my sorrows and have a good time.

Everyone needed a beer run so a few of us girls decided to go. I think the first time me and my now DH spoke was when I told him if he needed anything to let me know and I’d bring it back. So I did.

After we got back we all rode golf carts while drunk. (Everyone should try it!) My friends strategically placed me on the same cart as my now DH and my ex on another one. He tried to follow us all night. Of course in my drunken stupor I ended up kissing Now DH. I gave him my number.

A week went by and he never what, I figured he wouldn’t anyway. One day at work I had a call and it was him. Somehow in our drunken states I mentioned where I worked and he remembered!! He had me hooked then!


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