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Friday, February 23, 2007


I also lost my job. Well I was forced to quit I guess. I work pretty much alone in the whole office so my boss had said I could bring Little Man with me for awhile. So I counted on that, didn't look for a sitter or start storing milk. I had read and been told not to start pumping until 4-6 weeks so your supply is good. I rented a pump at 5 weeks. I still haven't gotten myself to do it as much as I'd like..I have a pretty good bit stored up considering I am still feeding him at every feeding with the boob. It'd be easy to get a lot every day if I could skip a Anyway, 2 WHOLE days before I was to return to work I got an email saying that I could bring him with me for one week or take one more week off work. I replied describing the breastfeeding ordeal and that I would have to bring him an indefinite amount of time until I had a good supply. He wrote back saying the same thing again. Granted, I have had the job for a full 3's family owned and I am very close with them so I was shocked he didn't give any on this. The lady that filled in during my maternity leave took my job. Oh well, I wanted to stay home anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, that sucks...but in a good way, right? stay at home mom, now there's the job I want!

Blogger CeCe said...

That sucks! Where do you live? In my province, we get 50 weeks parental off, with some money from employment insurance, and it's illegal for your job to let you go unless they offer you a settlement of some sort. Dads can take part of that 50 weeks as well.


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