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Friday, February 23, 2007


Last night Little Man slept from 10 pm until 2:30 am. That his longest stretch ever. The past few nights he's started sleeping from 10-2. But after that he doesn't do as well, but I can't complain too bad I don't think. He went back to bed by like 2:45 or so and got up at 5:30. After 5:30 he wakes up a lot but just kinda whines so I let him get himself back to sleep. I used to would go pick him up and all that. Anyway, then he really started waking up today around 7:30 but I let him lay in his bed and he'd whine a little and kinda fall back asleep but I finally got us up at 8. He ate and stayed awake a little and now he's taking a short nap.

I know some people get WAY less sleep than this and we went through hardly any sleep the first 5-6 weeks, he was up at least every two hours, sometimes every hour! I just wish that after he got up at 5:30 he's d sleep another 3 hours straight and then up for the morning. After 5:30 he wakes up off and on which in turn wakes me up!


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