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Friday, October 27, 2006


Doctor Appointment

So...This was the day. We had not contemplated on finding out the sex until now! We talked about decorating the nursery, calling the baby by name, etc. It started getting to me, but I still wanted to be strong. Hubby really wanted to find out. We got to the appointment Tuesday morning and I still had not fully decided. Weighed me and said I had gained 8 pounds. I about flipped. That's 19 total. I told her there was no way possible. I have been eating right and exercising and monitoring my weight at home and it had not gone up that much. Oh well, what can ya do? They drew my blood for the first time and I drank the orange soda drink for the gestational diabetes test. It was not bad at all. They sent me back to the waiting room for about 20 more minutes. I had my parents and hubby there with me. Finally they called us back! My usual midwife was not there so I had the other one which I had seen once before. She started the ultrasound and was pointing out feet, hands, etc and said "I already know the sex" Daddy said "It's a boy!" but we weren't sure. She asked if we wanted to know, hubby was saying yes, I was nervous and it made me want to know since she knew, she said she'd just quickly show us and see if we could tell and boy could we ever!!!!

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I looked at hubby and he had tears in his eyes, we were all ecstatic! Getting passed this, she started taking measurments and said he had a big 'ole tummy and was a chunk. The estimated weight was 3.4 pounds. She said on average at 28 weeks he should weigh between 2 and 2 1/2 pounds. He was also measuring 2 weeks 4 days ahead! My due date based on my LMP is January 17th, on the printout after all the measuring it said 12/30! They didn't change it and she didn't mention anything, so we're still counting on January. I should see my normal midwife in 2 weeks so I'll ask her if maybe we can get another measurement sometime soon to check the growth again. After this they quickly drew my blood again and we were on our way! We decided not to tell too many people yet. We are having a shower at church on November 3rd. So far they don't know the sex and we want to keep it that way in hopes of not getting a bunch of clothes. We hope that if they don't know the sex they'll think of other useful items to get or use our registry! My mom was allowed to go back to work and tell her best friend and she made her promise to keep a secret. She also emailed my aunt and talked to my grandma. My dad called my older brother and my grandma. Hubby called his mom and then I called his Aunt and Granny. They were too happy. Hubby also called my little brother and told him he just saw his son! It was fun. The nurse told me to go eat a good breakfast and avoid sugar the rest of the day. We went to Hardees before Hubby brought me to work. He was off the rest of the day. Doctor's office called back the next day and said the tests came back normal!

I truly noticed the difficulty shaving last night as I can hardly bend to shave my legs and I can no longer see my nether regions. It's also becoming a chore if I have to tie shoes. Hubby gets tickled at my noises, when I lay down I may gasp or make some moaning noise. He thinks something is wrong and I hardly notice I do it.


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