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Monday, March 12, 2007


So..I love nursing, love it. I love being the only one to be able to feed my gorgeous baby.

That is what I say to myself 97 percent of the time..then the other time...

I wish someone else could do it so I could get a break. I want to sleep for like 6-7 hours without having to get up. I would love to sleep longer than that..just once even!! I would like to have a margarita or something..not indulge too much, just have one and not have to worry about pumping afterwards and all that. I would like to work more on my weight. I pretty much lost all of my pregnancy weight except for about 4-6 pounds that keep fluctuating. I would like to really focus on it and get in shape for this nice weather. I needed to lose about 15 pounds before getting pregnant!

So after I think all of these things I feel bad and feel like I am being selfish!

I miss sleep. Oh my gosh how I miss it. Lately there have been a few times where he'll seep for 5-6 hours straight...for instance, he may sleep from 9-2, get up and eat and go back down..since he slept for 5 hours the next stretch will not go any longer than 4 hours..usually more like 3, so he'll be up again around 5:30, then around 7:30 for the day. That's a good night..only getting up twice. Last night, he slept from 8:30 until 12:45, then got up at 3, then at 4:15, then 6:30, woke up crying at 7:30, got paci and slept again until around 8:30. That is a not so good night for me.

I was going to take a nap, first his daddy called, had to get up. Then the unemployment office called, had to get up and talk awhile. He was waking up before I could hang up..ugh.

I can deal with all the things that go with nursing other than the sleep deal. After a night like last night I just want to give him some formula since that seems to tide babies over all night! I read other nursing mom stories and they too have babies who will sleep all night long..I'm sooooo jealous.


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