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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Try this again...

We're at my parents and my dad got home, which Little Man ADORES so he went to him and they're talking now.

So, Little Man is now 5 1/2 months old. Geeez. It makes me wanna cry. Each time he does something new I'm so excited but at the same time I'm sad because I tell him he's not old enough or big enough to do that yet. He does the usuals, rolls, laughs, 'talks', smiles, plays with toys and just this weekend started sitting up. He won't always do it and sometimes longer than others but we are well on our way.

He is a big boy too, literally. He's always been off the charts in height and weight, but he doesn't look fat really. We went to the doctor Tuesday due to him being really fussy and I was scared I was ignoring something (which he was totally fine) and the nurse thought he was at least 9 months old. He weighed in at 20 pounds 4 ounces. They didn't check his length but at his 4 month appt he was over 28 inches.

About the sitting up, I'll be glad when he perfects because he naturally got too long for his infant seat so we changed him to a Britax Boulevard which we love by the way. So, no more riding in the seat while we push a grocery cart or sitting in the seat while we go out and eat. We have to tote him and hold him while we eat.

I think he's trying to cut a tooth because his sleeping has really gone from bad to worse. To begin with he's NEVER slept through the night. The closest we have been is there have been 3 nights that I only got up once to give him his paci and let him fall back asleep. He had given up eating during the night, then like 2 weeks ago he started wanting to eat...then about a week ago he wanted to eat 2 times. The last 4 nights he's woken up A LOT. The past two I decided not to feed him and see how he acts. We've never co-slept. He's been in his crib since 7 weeks and loves his bed and space. But the last two nights after I have gotten up about 100 times I've brought him to the spare room with me and we sleep there. Or he sleeps better, I barely sleep when not in my bed. So, he stirs a little and I give him his paci and he's been fine not eating, so I think he was starting a little habit and I think he enjoys getting mommy out of bed and getting attention so we have to break that somehow. I could try letting him cry before going in, but he's a tummy sleeper and usually wakes up because he's rolled over and can't fall asleep on his back! So I'm constantly rolling him back over. Anyway, I could talk about sleep issues for days so I'll save more later. Now for some pics <>

I can sit up!

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